Lift.Kitchen a simple overview

The idea for Lift.Kitchen came from 3 old friends sitting around a kitchen table brainstorming start up ideas. After a few hours of talk and a gourmet meal of pizza, they landed upon the idea of a DAO controlled VC incubator. They spent the next several months ensuring all the ingredients for their project were delicious enough to be served in the final recipe; Genesis.

Introducing Genesis: A Fair Launch Project

Lift.Kitchen is a VC incubator DAO that is backed by a WBTC stabilization fund. In the past stabilization funds have often met sticky ends. ensures their stabilization funds stays stabilizes through a constant stream of revenue from projects while maintaining healthy rebases. Sophisticated tokenomics allow for constant growth of the WBTC stabilization fund plus a steady stream of airdrops for CTRL holders from realized VC investments.

We will be launching a genesis vault on 4/24/2021. The genesis vault will only accept wBTC as the exchange token. wBTC will be exchanged for an equal quantity of lfBTC/LIFT tokens that will be automatically be minted and staked into the lfBTC/LIFT liquidity pool on SushiSwap. During genesis you decide if you want to lock your liquidity for 30, 60, 90, or 120 days. The lockout period you select determines the multiplier you get on your exchange of wBTC. 2x multiplier for a 30 day lock 3x multiplier for a 60 day lock 4x multiplier for a 90 day lock 5x multiplier for a 120 day lock

50% of the exchanged WBTC will be paired with LFBTC tokens and added to the the LFBTC/WBTC liquidity pool. The remaining 50% WBTC will be held in the stabilization fund to hold peg in the early days. You can stake then stake your LIFT tokens in the boardroom to earn CTRL tokens, which is the governance token for the DAO. CTRL token holders also receive airdrops from the VC projects.

Innovative tokenomics aside, Lift.Kitchen is backed by a solid team. Chris, the CEO, has been a leader at Arke, a software company he founded 17 years ago. Alex is a graduate of Wharton Business School and currently runs RoboCore, a software company that designs products for traditional financial institutions. Mike has over 20 years as a solutions architect. The team has a unique blend of highly technical backgrounds combined with many years in traditional business. They are positioned to be an excellent bridge helping traditional businesses to integrate into blockchain technologies. They show their commitment to the high ideals of DeFi and blockchain by making the launch of Lift.Kitchen a fair one that allows for anyone to participate.

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